Guru Purnima: “The Rising”

On the eve of Guru Purnima, the 24th of July, 2021. We hosted a test event, The Rising, a Semi-Classical music concert with aims to promote the said form of music. The event goals were:

  1. Promoting women in music
  2. Giving way to the day-to-day practice of Indian classical music and it’s benefits on mental health
  3. Providing an audience to the local semi-classical artists in and around town
  4. Highlight the shortcomings that artists face on their way to the stage and how they could be worked around
  5. Establishing grounds for a recurring event on cultural appraisal

The event was presided by the District Public Relations Officers, District Muktsar and District Barnala, Sardar Gurdeep Singh Mann and Sardarni Megha Mann as the chief guests, and Keynote speaker Mr. Rishi Hirdepal, MRS college, Malout. The event was attended by 40 residents of Malout.

The event was streamed online on my facebook page and was viewed by upwards of 700 people online through the Malout News facebook channel.


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