Anupama is such a wonderful and inspiring teacher. So grateful to have such a wonderful intelligent guide to teach me such an instrument. She has such a passion for the art of music and is super kind. Thank you !! X

Abby Slater

Good learning, with a patient teacher. Deep-rooted knowledge of sitar. 5 stars *****

Samir Sheth

I feel privileged to be under the tutelage of Anupama Ma’am, she not only understands your interests & requirements but also helps you in learning & enhancing your musical & Sitar skills. Being a good vocalist, she creates a wonderful experience of learning Sitar with her, making her teaching creative & interesting. She is very […]

Yogesh Khedekar

Anupama is a great teacher, friendly and welcoming who doesn’t put you under pressure. Her gentleness combined with good knowledge of sitar technique gives you confidence to make great progress. I’m very grateful for her tuition. It feels good to be building my sitar skills once more.

Ken Powell

Never have I had such wonderful experience every time I learn from my favorite teacher Anupama mam. A wonderful human, with such kindness & dedication to her students. A woman who has the highest respect for music & sitar. She is not afraid to share her knowledge to anyone. Every class for me was a […]

Navleen Kaur

Anupama is very good at making her students feel comfortable to learn. This is very important as if you are not comfortable it is very difficult to get the learning. She teaches with extreme ease and has mastered the art of teaching. She is master in her art as well as in teaching and that […]


Anupama is such a great teacher and person, inside and out. She’s very patient when I’m learning something new on the sitar, she gives great advice and she’s respectful. One of the main reasons why I enjoy being taught by Anupama, is because she goes into great detail by explaining what it is she’s doing […]

Mitchell Davies

Hi. I started sitar lessons with Anupama, but have paused due to personal circumstances. I found her to be clear and concise. She took time to explain and posted recordings for after the lesson. Would recommend anyone to take sitar lessons with Anupama.

Andy M.

I am so glad I found Anupama. She is the best sitar teacher I ever had. I enjoy listening to her great knowledge about music and sitar, and learned a lot in a few months. She is also a wonderful woman, and I am thankful for her to be my teacher.

Michaela Lehr (Germany)