I’m AnupamA
Your sitar teacher

Sitar lecturer with 20 years of experience, I am accredited by the University Grants Commission of India, holding a Masters of arts in the Sitar Instrument with a NET Qualification, and a Masters in Philosophy.

In addition to being a Sitar teacher, I am a Sitar musician with history and an enthusiasm towards preservation of the culture of The Indian Classical Music, The Sitar, and empowering of women in rural Punjab, Chandigarh, and India through lectures and workshops, both online and offline.

I completed my education in Chandigarh, India. My notable skills include composition, Sitar teaching, choreography, classical instruments, and music as a therapy. I have facilitated classical music education and imparted knowledge about Sitar at the DAV College, Malout as a Head of the Department of Music from 2004 to 2007, following which, I began working towards my niche of Sitar music as a therapy as well as an art, establishing links between the power of auditory healing and Indian classical music. From what I hear through my students, I have been a Sitar teacher and a healer to people across the globe.

Read what my students have to say about me (The testimonials). 

I have received multiple awards locally for my contributions towards

  • Founding and supporting the Lion’s Club Malout (The Radiant) District-321F,
  • Her contributions to the town women community
  • Choreography and single-handed management of the annual events of Republic Day and Independence Day

Hear me play:

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