Sarang Sitar School ™

An initiative to educate the keen on the importance of, and how to play the instrument Sitar. The school primarily exists delivering Sitar Classes online and in person in Malout, Punjab teaching learners from around the world.

Learn Sitar

One may take sitar classes by registering an interest here. The first/introductory class will be free of cost depending on the learner’s previous knowledge of the instrument.

Mrs. Anupama Gagneja is the primary instructor in this school as of February, 2022.

Sitar Class Testimonials

Testimonials from the learners can be found here and may help in your decision to start/continue your learning journey at Sarang Sitar School.

Sarang Sitar School is a Trademark owned by Anupama Gagneja and any unauthorized use is expressly prohibited.